Influences and Inspiration

These days we all live in a visual age constantly bombarded by thousands of images, so it is sometimes difficult to pinpoint those photographers who have influenced and inspired us along the way.
But here are just a few who spring to mind :

Andrew Perry, a very creative and talented photographer who was a leading light in the IBM Camera Club when I joined up in 1987.

So many members of Arena, whose wonderful week-end seminars I have been attending every year since first discovering them back in 1991 - Trevor Ashby, Vic & Mary Attfield, Barry Barker, John Chamberlin, Harry Cundell, Paul Foley, Roy King, Iain McGowan, Hugh Milsom, Leigh Preston, Tim Rudman, Colin Westgate, Tony & Eva Worobiec, and the late, great, Joan Wakelin.

Phil Monk, an inspirational portrait and figure photographer who used to run excellent courses from his studio in Bath.

Freeman Patterson for his amazing colour work.