An associate of the three main UK organisations - BIPP, MPA and RPS.

In addition, exhibiting on the international circuit has led to a Distinction from the PAGB (1996 - DPAGB), the Silver level of the EFIAP (2011 - EFIAP/s) and the 'excellence' level from the Photographic Society of America (2011 - EPSA).

Also in 2008 the Southern Photographic Federation added Glyn to their Roll of Honour, for services to photography.

No one was more surprised than Glyn when he learned that his good friend Tibor Jakab (Romania) had nominated him for an Associateship of the PSA (APSA) for services to photography and a long history of success on the international circuit. These awards were instituted back in 1940 and he became only the eleventh UK photographer to be recognised in this way. Thus in September 2012 Glyn and Jean headed to San Francisco for the annual PSA Conference to collect his award. A fun trip and it was as well that he attended as the other two UK photographers to be recognised that year were unable to make the Conference.

Slightly Irish in that England followed the USA, but in November 2013 Glyn was awarded the APAGB for services to photography, primarily with reference to the Southampton International Exhibition. As she had made the nomination it was entirely appropriate that Sue Sibley ARPS, President of the Southampton Camera Club, should present Glyn with his award at the opening of the 101st Southampton International in April 2014. After his short introductory speech he was flabbergasted to be greeted with a standing ovation – a first for him, and really very touching.