Increasingly unusual in the 21st century, Glyn is still shooting film !

His love of b&w goes right back to his earliest snaps. These days the majority of his images are recorded on Fuji Neopan 1600 and many are shot on a 1986 Leica M6 rangefinder.

Prints are still made in a traditional wet darkroom - mostly on Kentmere papers (now part of the Harman group). Those on fibre-based papers tend to be toned in selenium or gold.

Colour work is captured on original formula Fuji Velvia 50 - which was sadly discontinued back in 2007. Glynís fridge / freezer contains around 5 years supply, but he is not sure what he will be doing come 2013 Ö

Subject matter is wide-ranging, but long time favourites include urban landscapes, portraiture and figure studies in the studio, and the type of travel picture which often ends up in the Photo Travel section of exhibitions all around the world.

Glyn has always had a fascination to produce with the camera something which is not visible to the naked eye. This may be as simple as using a very wide aperture to restrict sharp focus to a small area of the image. Alternatives cover camera movement whilst the shutter is open, or lengthy exposures to produce a feeling of movement.

The digital era has not totally passed Glyn by - he can just about scan a Velvia tranny and tweak the curves and levels to get the resulting file back to the beauty of the original. As a result, just 3 of over 300 international accepts since the start of 2007 have been submitted as duplicate transparencies. All the rest were burned to a CD, or more recently uploaded direct to exhibition websites.